Price List

The indicated prices are subject to a 50% premium for the quick turnaround service.  Please note that we have a minimum fee for projects of £250+VAT. For larger projects with a number of steel beams the projects are typically rationalised to bring the overall cost per calculation down.  Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.†

Steel Calculation Price List Find out more

Item £/calc
Steel Beam Calculation 79.00 (includes free bearing check and padstone specification)
Steel Connection Calculation 79.00
Steel Connection Drawing 55.00
Steel Window/Door Lintel Spec 79.00
Steel Windpost 79.00
Steel Frame TBC (depends on type)

Masonry Calculation Price List Find out more

Item £/calc
Masonry Pier Calculation 79.00
Masonry Wall Panel Calculation 79.00

Timber Calculation Price List Find out more

Item £/calc
Timber Beam/Purlin/Post 79.00
Glulam Beam/Purlin/Post 79.00
Timber Joist Spec 45.00
Timber Rafter Spec 45.00

†Calcs-Online reserves the right to withdraw or change the prices shown at any time.

Additional Services

Calcs-Online may be able to provide services additional to those shown in the price list. If you want a service that isn’t on the list please make a request when you submit your query and we will endeavour to provide you with a competitive quotation.*

* It should be noted that we cannot provide site visits and therefore structural surveys are not available.