Our team of engineers understand the importance of considering structures in their entirety when carrying out calculations and providing structural solutions.

This is especially the case when structural walls are to be opened up and steel beams are to be installed, as consideration needs to be given to the additional localised loading from the steelwork, the redistributed load on the foundations, and the removal of any buttressing effects the masonry wall provides against lateral loading.

If our engineers feel as though the removal of a structural wall implicates the building’s structural integrity then we will use our experience to advise our clients accordingly and suggest a possible solution. always consider the effects of localised loading onto masonry when a steel beam is designed, as this is the most likely cause of structural failure. Included with each steel beam calculation we will provide a masonry bearing check for free and we will specify a concrete padstone size if one is required.

Our engineers have experience providing calculations for vertically and laterally loaded masonry which enables them to analyse architectural proposals and provide structural masonry calculations for piers and wall panels if required.