Steel beams are commonly used in new build and refurbishment projects to provide support to openings in solid masonry walls.

The engineers working for have many years’ experience designing steelwork for various different types of projects.

Our engineers also realise the importance of assessing structure in its entirety, especially when installing a steel beam to create an opening within an existing structural wall as consideration must be given to the redistribution of load down to the foundations.

A  calculation check for the adequacy of the masonry immediately beneath the steel bearing is included within the price of the calculation. Where the existing masonry is found to be inadequate to support the localised loading from the steel beam, will provide a calculation and specification for a concrete padstone free of charge.

When an instance occurs whereby we feel as though the opening up of a structural wall may compromise the structures stability, our engineers will advise on the most economical solution available. If further steelwork calculations are required to prove the stability of the structure (e.g. wall panel check, masonry pier calculation, wind post calculations etc) these will be subject to further charge.

In instances where steelwork needs to be used to provide support for an awkward or complicated detail, have experience in providing solutions for more intricate and specialized steelwork arrangements.

Where a dimension-critical steelwork arrangement is required, or where a non-standard arrangement or connection is required, are able to provide calculations and detail drawings to comply with Building Regulations and to help steel fabricators assemble the steelwork.