Load-Bearing Wall Investigation & Letter

Product Details

Determine If Your Wall Is Load-Bearing with Our Expert On-Site Inspection

Ready to make changes to your home but unsure if a wall is load-bearing? Our comprehensive on-site inspection service is here to help. One of our experienced representatives will visit your property to assess your wall based on previously exchanged information. After the inspection, you’ll receive a detailed letter outlining our findings regarding the wall’s load-bearing status.

Our representative will conduct a thorough inspection, which may require creating two or three small (100mm x 100mm) inspection holes in the ceiling near the top of the wall. You will need to arrange for these holes to be repaired afterward. We will ensure minimal damage during the inspection.

We will check if structural elements like floor joists, roof joists, rafters, or masonry are supported by the wall within the ceiling void. If no compressible joint or gap is found at the top of the wall, we will err on the side of caution and conclude that the wall is likely load-bearing for safety reasons.

Please note, this service does not include the design of structural elements for wall removal. A separate quote can be provided for any necessary design work. We aim to schedule your site inspection promptly after receiving your request. The total process, including the investigation and follow-up letter, typically takes about two weeks, provided the site visit can be arranged within a week.



“Excellent and swift service. They have addressed all our, our architect’s and our builder’s questions in very quick time.”

James Charlesworth, Homeowner