Traditionalist Trevor

Traditionalist Trevor - Old-School Engineering

Meet Traditionalist Trevor: Our Friendly, Fictional Foe...

Imagine a gent from yesteryear: Traditionalist Trevor.

Traditionalist Trevor - Old-School Engineering
Trevor’s been engineering longer than the internet’s been around, sticking to methods that, while tried and true, might just be a smidge out of date in our zippy digital age. His charmingly archaic ways include meticulously handcrafting every quote and invoice, allowing him to provide that ultra-personal touch of… inefficiency.​

Picture this: Trevor’s famed site visits, where he does his best investigative work over a cuppa, discussing weather patterns more than load-bearing walls. His notes? A cryptic scrawl that requires a Rosetta Stone to decipher, delivered in a timeframe that’d make a snail sigh.

Traditionalist Trevor - Old-School Engineering Site Visit

Sure, Trevor has his quaint charm, a whiff of nostalgia, and tales from engineering yore. But while he sips his Earl Grey, we’re revolutionizing engineering with a dash of future-friendliness!

Traditionalist Trevor - Old-School Engineering Site Visit

“Excellent and swift service. They have addressed all our, our architect’s and our builder’s questions in very quick time.”

James Charlesworth, Homeowner

Enter Our Stage: Where Innovation Meets Acceleration

We honour the Trevors of the world, for they laid our foundations. But we’re here to usher in a new epoch, where your renovations aren’t held captive by snail-paced processes and elusive experts.

Fast quotes

Click a few buttons, ping your drawings over, and within 24 hours your quote is ready - as if by magic!

Clear documents

No decoder needed! Your builder can enjoy digital documents that are neat, comprehensible, and user-friendly.

Quick turnarounds

Forget the long waits! Our tech ensures that reports are delivered with unprecedented speed.

We're all ears

Have queries? Need changes? We’re just a click away, steadfastly here whenever you need us.

Prioritising YOU

Your renovations shouldn’t be tethered by old-school methods. In our world, you’re the protagonist, and your needs shape our narrative. Swift, transparent, and relentlessly reliable, we’re not just engineers. We’re your stress-busters, ensuring your renovation journey is seamless, expedient, and splendidly straightforward.

Join Us in the Future

Say adieu to waits, deciphering documents, and elusive experts. Step into a world where your renovations are fueled by cutting-edge technology, top-notch customer service, and a hearty dash of innovation… Because your home deserves nothing less than extraordinary.

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